If you are concerned about your water bill or have a complaint about your water company, first discuss it with your water company. If you remain unhappy, please contact the Consumer Council for Water, who will be able to offer further assistance and advice.

If you are a worker in the water sector and you want to raise a whistleblowing complaint with us about improper practices by your company, we recommend you first read our whistleblowing webpage, which provides information on what matters can be raised with us as by whistleblowers, what protections exist for whistleblowers, and what we will do with information you might provide to us.

If, having read our whistleblowing webpage, you wish to submit a whistleblowing complaint with us, please fill in the form below. We do not insist that you give us your name and contact details, but they are helpful to have should we need to gather more information to understand the concern and/or to take action on it. If you wish to remain anonymous, please use the word anonymous in the fields below and for your email address please use anonymous@whistleblowing.com.

If your enquiry relates to a specific water company, please select from this list